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  1. Apollo Vacuum Blender
  2. BioChef Galaxy Pro Blender
  3. BioChef Galaxy Blender - New
    As low as A$239.00
  4. Atlas Power Blender
    As low as A$655.00
  5. Nova Blender
    As low as A$279.00
  6. Astro Vacuum Blender
    As low as A$375.00
  7. Living Food Blender
    Out of stock
  8. AirFree Vacuum Blender
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  9. Vacuum Blending Accessory
  10. Atlas Power Blender Dry Jug
  11. Silicone Spatula
  12. Vacuum Tumbler
    As low as A$35.00
  13. Living Food Blender Dry Jug
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BioChef High Performance Blenders

BioChef have been long searching for the next Super Blender, we have found it.

"Sometimes it takes great technology to bring us back to Mother Nature..."

The Living Food Blender is right at the forefront of Design and Innovation. Italian Design combined with Technological advances give us EPT™ Enzyme Protection Technology. The Living Food Blender is unlike any other blender and is so advanced there is really no competition when it comes to Super Blenders.

The Living Food Blender features the latest cutting edge microprocessor technologies, touch swipe LCD screen and EPT™ Enzyme Protection Technology built in to the tamper which measures heat inside the blender while in operation to protect natural goodness.

The Revolutionary LED Touch Screen and Swipe Panel Interface allows for an easy to use experience, combine this with the 6 pre-settings the user experience is second to none.

Also in the range is our High Performance Blender, this has been our best-selling model for many years, before the introduction of the Living Food Blender. This product delivers unbelievable value for money when compared to many on the market. Its 3HP Commercial Grade motor gives it incredible power and makes it an ideal heavy-duty kitchen machine.

The Atlas Power Blender is the latest addition to our range and has a brushless motor which is easy on the ears and easy on the environment. Featuring six stainless steel blades for quick and efficient blending, the programmed settings make preparation simple. Unlike Universal Motors which are used in most electrical appliances, the Atlas Power Blender uses prioritises energy efficiency by using a brushless motor. With no brushes to replace over time, this motor ensures a longer lifespan.