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Living Food Vacuum Blender

  • Upgrade the BioChef Living Food Blender into a high-powered Vacuum Blender
  • Preserve Colour, Flavour and Freshness
  • High Speed Blender with 1,680w motor
  • Experience the benefits of Vacuum Blending with the same power and functionality as a High Performance Blender
  • Warranty: Living Food Blender 10 Years on Motor, 7 Years on Parts | 1 Year Commercial. Vacuum Blending Accessory 2 Years
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Living Food Vacuum Blender

Your All-Round Kitchen Appliance now with Vacuum Blending Technology

biochef vacuum blender

Vacuum blending is the latest development in blending technology, improving the quality and shelf life of smoothies.

In order to keep the high quality of the Living Food Blender and offer our customers the latest blending technology, we designed an accessory which gives you the option to convert your top-quality Living Food blender to a Vacuum Blender.

The Vacuum Blending Accessory is separate to the Living Food Blender so you can choose to vacuum or standard blend. The Vacuum Blending Accessory simply attaches to the jug lid, removing the oxygen from the jug through the top. The Vacuum Pressure Sensor will automatically detect and stop once the oxygen has been completely removed, letting you know you’re ready to blend.

The disadvantage with Vacuum Blenders with an in-built vacuum system is the impact this feature has on the blender’s capabilities. It is not possible to use the Vacuum Function when making soup or grinding nuts and grains, which limits your blending options.

Using the Vacuum Blending Accessory is optional, which means you can still make all of your favourite soups and hot drinks in the BioChef Living Food Blender without using the Vacuum Blending Accessory!


Preserve Colour, Flavour & Freshness

See and taste the benefits of Vacuum Blending

vacuum blending vs standard blending comparison

The Living Food Vacuum Blender uses new vacuum blending technology to maximise nutrition and preserve freshness by removing the air from the blender jug prior to blending.

Oxidation begins when food is exposed to air, and is the reason a smoothie will begin to split, separate and discolour relatively quickly if not consumed right away.

The BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory quickly and quietly draws out the air from the blender jug before the blending process, preserving the nutrition and enhancing the flavour of the blended ingredients.

The immediately noticeable result after removing the air and then blending is a richer tasting smoothie with a smoother, foam-free texture.

The Living Food Vacuum Blender will create a smoothie that is noticeably brighter in colour, has a smoother consistency, and stays tasting fresh for longer.


Same power & quality with even better results

Benefit from the latest technology without compromising on functionality

vacuum blending technology biochef

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or function to experience the benefits of Vacuum Blending which is why on top of it’s sleek design, the Living Food Vacuum Blender is still one of the most intelligent and powerful blenders on the market.

Living Food Vacuum Blender Highlights:

  • 1680w Motor
  • 32,000 RPM
  • Vacuum System with Pressure Sensor
  • 6-pronged stainless-steel blade system
  • 3 pre-set programmes for easier blending
  • BPA Free
  • Warranty: Living Food Blender 10 Years on Motor, 7 Years on Parts | 1 Year Commercial. Vacuum Blending Accessory 2 Years

Powerful High Speed Blender and Top Quality Materials

For consistently nutrient-rich results

health food enthusiasts blender

A high performance blender has the ability to break open the cellulose wall or structure of fruits and vegetables and release deep phytonutrients to make them more "bio-available" for our body to use.

It is the combination of power, speed and blade structure which enables the BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender to be able to do this.

The high powered 1680watt commercial motor means the Living Food Blender is capable of pulverizing even the toughest raw vegetables, skin and seeds with ease.

The Living Food Vacuum Blender is ideal for health food enthusiasts looking to make whole food smoothies and fibrous juices, plus a variety of dips, babyfoods, purees, dressings, soups, nutmilks and ice cream.


Super Smooth Blending

Pulverise even the toughest ingredients!

blending green smoothie jug
vacuumed smoothie biochef

The Living Food Blender is capable of blending:

  • Leafy greens
  • Raw vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Frozen Fruits

The BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender features a 6-pronged blade system made from Japanese stainless steel, with 4 serrated bowl-hugging blades and 2 central, smaller and upwards facing blades. The combination of the two types and directions of blades creates a funnel or whirlpool effect, drawing the produce up and over into the blades repeatedly. This is why the BioChef Living Blender is able to grind grains, coffee and wheat into a fine powder.


Smart Preprogramming and Advanced Vacuum System

Take the guess work out of blending

touch screen blender biochef
stainless steel blades biochef

The Living Food Vacuum Blender utilizes the latest cutting edge microprocessor technologies, making it incredibly easy to use. With a touch LED screen and Enzyme Protection Technology, it is able to measure the heat generated inside the blender to preserve and protect the nutrients in food. It also includes an automatic overload function and micro safety switch to protect the motor.

The Living Food Vacuum Blender features pre-programmed time, speed and pulse combinations for different recipes. The on-board microprocessor will adjust its speed and power depending on the ingredients and to also to give the best results for what you are trying to create.

Choose from the soup, chop or blend functions or use the pulse and 10 speed settings to manually increase or decrease the power to your liking!

The BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory features an easy to use Vacuum System with Pressure Sensor which automatically shuts off when all air has been removed.


Included Parts and Accessories:

blender with temperature monitor

The BioChef Living Food Vacuum Blender comes with:

  • Tamper with temperature monitor
  • BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory
  • Vacuum Accessory Adaptor plug for blender
  • Vacuum Accessory Adaptor for food bags
  • Vacuum Accessory Silicone seal
  • BioChef Living Food Blender Manual with recipe ideas
  • BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory Manual
More Information
Model NumberBCLFVB
RPM32,000 RPM
Motor3 HP general operation / 3.5 HP peak
Colours AvailableBlender: Black / White
Vacuum Blending Accessory: Black
Included AccessoriesTamper with temperature monitor, BioChef Vacuum Blending Accessory, Vacuum Accessory Adaptor plug for blender, Vacuum Accessory Adaptor for food bags, Vacuum Accessory Silicone seal, 3 x reusable vacuum bags (22cm x 34cm), BioChef Living Food Blender Manu
Domestic WarrantyBlender: 10 Years on Motor, 7 Years on Parts | 1 Year Commercial.
Vacuum Blending Accessory 2 Years
Product WeightCombined weight of 6.61 kg
Shipping Weight7.5 kg
Product DimensionsBlender: L 24cm x W 28.5cm x H 51.5cm
Vacuum Blending Accessory: L 5.8cm x W 5.8cm x H 17cm
Shipping DimensionsL 50cm x W 31.5cm x H 52cm
VoltageBlender: 220-240v
Vacuum Blending Accessory: 100-240v
CertifiedBlender: CE Certified
Vacuum Blending Accessory: EMC+LVD
MaterialsTritan™ Blender Jug, Vacuum Blending Accessory made from ABS
Extra FeaturesPresettings: Chop, Soup, Blend + Pulse function and 10 manual speed settings. Standard blend or Vacuum blend with included vacuum accessory