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BioChef is currently sold in over 30 countries around the world, delivering kitchen appliances with innovation based on consumer insights and empowering people’s potential to create healthier meals in their own kitchen.


Celebrating Over 25 Years

Since 1995, with the introduction of the first cold press juicer, and now sales in over 30 countries, the BioChef family business is thriving under Roger Akins’ leadership. Roger is known for infusing the company culture with purpose and passion for whole, healthy foods. Helping to improve the vitality and health of peoples lives with the highest quality kitchen appliances.

With over 25 years of commitment to quality and continuous development, BioChef has been the preferred choice in home kitchen appliances and commercial dehydration equipment worldwide. Offering high performance and advanced technology with a comprehensive range of food and beverage solutions for households, cooking enthusiasts, health and nutrition experts, chefs and food service operations.

With customers from different countries and regions, we have gained experience in seemless global supply and a comprehensive understanding of customer demands.

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Why Choose BioChef

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BioChef specializes in B2B wholesale appliance sales to customers, including all distributors, resellers and dealers with both low and high volume household kitchen appliance needs.

Start offering value products that deliver genuine health benefits to your customer network, with great warranty and support.
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